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Protect Your Domains

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Your business domain name is as important as your office door.

Leave it unlocked and you invite counterfeiters, scammers, and speculators to prey on your customers and trade on your reputation.

NOX is a simple, cost-effective system that enables you to register, manage, and control domains defensively. NOX gives you the power to protect your name and your online presence with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Designed by experts in the domain management and brand protection fields, NOX was created with the goal of reducing the unnecessary costs associated with defensive domain registration.

Successful domain management can be complex, which results in digital agencies charging you unnecessary fees to protect your intellectual property and your profits.



Anonymous Domain Acquisition Service

If you have issues with other Internet users purchasing domains related to your business, we can help. Instead of having to contact these cybersquatters yourself, potentially inflating the price of sale, we can contact domain owners anonymously. Our negotiations are performed by experienced domain brokers to ensure you get the best possible deal when purchasing any domain names from third parties.


Domain Dispute Resolution

Our team of highly specialized and experienced IP analysts can assist with the resolution of domain disputes, cybersquatting, and other cases linked to trademark freeriding.
In addition, we provide clear and effective assistance on how you can take action against domains that are registered in bad faith or used for other illegal activities.

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Why NOX?

To be successful as a modern business you need a domain name that is trustworthy, reliable, and relevant. Your domain is more than just your name or website, it is your digital home, the place where your customers feel safe.

Protecting your domain against unauthorized dilution on websites that use your name, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights can mean confusion for consumers along with possible reputational damage and lost sales.

We created NOX from a brand protection perspective, with a focus on making it a system that defends the integrity of brands while remaining the most cost-effective corporate domain management service on the market.

Who Is NOX?

The partners behind NOX have spend decades at the forefront of the domain management and brand protection industries.

The combined experience and expertise of our teams has been mined to bring you a unique combination of services and knowledge that will help you to manage your domains and defend your brand online with maximum impact and minimum cost.

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